Friday, June 4, 2010

memorial day ::habeck & friends style::

we love our friends! love love love them! we spent all day last monday celebrating memorial day with them and we had a freakin' blast!
check it out...
remedy films - rocks my face off! :)

Memorial Day 2010 from Remedy Films on Vimeo.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

loving the newborns :: atlanta newborn photographer

wow! ever since i went through this experience myself, shooting newborns is definitely a new fave! i won't ever forget how much ben and i enjoyed sitting back and watching beth capture our little man. i remember just sitting in awe staring at him the entire time. thinking, this is OUR little boy. i LOVE the heck out of him. he's SO cute!!
a couple of weeks ago i got to capture my good friend kelley's sweet little girl hollings. she was so precious! this was the first time i had the opportunity to put some of the "tricks" to work that i learned from beth! thanks girl! you ROCK!!!!!

i have to give credit to beth for this shot. she first set up asher in a shot like this and so many of my clients have loved it, they've been asking for the same one! so all props go to her!

asher came with me on this shoot. unfortunately this was the only toy there for him to play with. i say unfortunately because it is BRIGHT pink. and....i have to admit, i think he liked it....a lot!!

i can't wait for the other newborn sessions coming up soon!
amanda and jillian, can't wait to meet your sweet little ones!

p.s. - have i ever told you i HATE wearing socks? for me it feels like i'm "capping the chimney," only it's the opposite end of my body.

it's ben's 30th today! we've got family in for the weekend. so as our friend jacob would say, we've put ourselves on "lockdown." we don't get to visit with family very often so anytime they come in town we try not to answer our phones, emails, etc. we just want to soak up all the time we get with them.


Friday, February 26, 2010

dear grandma...

dear gramma,
i figured out how to make my mom go crazy last night! i went to bed and woke up around 1 a.m. and started SCREAMING it got her attention, to say the least. dads too! i screamed long enough so she picked me up and walked me around the house and cuddled me like the sweet mom she is (i have her wrapped around my finger) and then just when she thought i was calm again she put me back in my bed, and it was so funny i started screaming again. by this time she was really frustrated and i think i heard her say F it! (only i'm pretty sure she said the whole word). i was finally successful and screamed so much that she just fed me. yummmm! i fell asleep while i was eating so she put me back down, but don't worry i started SCREAMING again! only this time, i didn't win! :( i "serenaded" her and my dad to sleep for about an hour. and then i woke up at 6 a.m. and decided to have a party in my crib!
sleep? who needs sleep around here?
Gramma, i'm afraid if I do this again she might really go crazy! could you please come down here and stay with me at night and cuddle me if i wake up? so my mom and dad can get some much needed zzzzz's for the first time in 6 months? i think they might need a break! i kinda sensed it last night.

love you gramma!
p.s. they don't call me the drool monster for nothin'! i take this drooling job VERY seriously! can you tell?

asherific - (only i don't think mom thinks i'm so "irific" today!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 minute fabulous-ness!

meet erin. she's my cousin. she's my friend. she's our nanny. and she refers to asher as though she's his "grandma!" yeah, that's weird. but actually it's kind of funny to hear her say that! poor ash is going to be so confused when he gets older. (just to clarify, she is not his grandma, obviously...there's no possible way!) and she likes to play dress up! too bad for her we had a boy - it kind of makes me nervous! i have a feeling i'm going to come home some day and asher is going to be dressed up in girl stuff! :)
we've had this awesome skirt for a long time. in fact, i borrowed it from my friend kelley ash with sweet gravy studio! she's cool like that! i kind of feel bad that i have had it so long. don't worry kelley, it's on its way back to you! anyway, i've been wanting to do a shoot with a newspaper background for a long time. so today was the day. erin wanted to play dress up so we shot it! little man was laying on the ground in the basement (quite bored i might add) playing with his toys and sucking his paci as erin and i spent literally 5 minutes capturing this shot and probably another 10 total downloading the pic and editing it! it was pretty fun! it gave me the itch again!!! so bring it on....let's go out and do some fun photo shoots!

hope everyone stays warm this weekend!
we've got 2 inches of snow in the forecast! that means all of the bread and milk is sold out at every grocery store in atlanta!


Friday, January 29, 2010

asher-ific - 5 months, first update

so our little asher-ific is 5 months tomorrow and yes this is the first time i have posted an update. probably because i feel like he's really only 5 weeks! wow how time flies!!!! and i's only going to go faster. i'm in denial already folks and it's only been 5 months. it makes me sad! we are absolutely head over heels in love with this little dude! he's so much fun. our little boy is a grunting king, a professional nap fighter, a drooly monster, a farting machine, a snuggle bug, and a paci sucking crazy dude! sometimes he makes us go crazy but most of the time we sit and stare at our little man and call it our baby tv!

things i've learned so far as a mom:
1) i now understand why mom's dress the way they do. gone are the days of cute silk shirts they'll just end up with dried up drool splotches on the shoulders.
2) we have A LOT of creaks in our floor, and it just so happens that most of them are in asher's room.
3) you can burn on average up to 500 calories a day nursing, and you better believe i take advantage of every one of those! ;P
4) i have mastered the art of baby talk and yes i can be found in target looking ridiculous talking to my boy in front of everyone!
5) i think i've found every bare and deserted parking lot in atlanta to sit in the backseat of my car and "pump" while i'm working. i know glamorous huh??
6) 7:30 now feels like bed time to me because that's the time i put asher to bed. it's lame, i know! but don't worry i fight it and put some toothpicks in my eyes to stay up like a big girl.
7) running with a jogging stroller is tough work, even if you have a nice one! woweee!!!
8) i now find myself talking to other mom's about diapers, food, naps, crying, tricks, and other ridiculousness.
9) i feel like i'm back in college dating my husband again. it's actually quite fun. maybe we'll even go park next time we have a date, like we did back in the good ol' days!
10) baby crap has over taken my house, and i'm not sure how i feel about that decor!

here's a little time line of snap shots throughout the last 5 months.

it's so hard to believe he was this small!

we loved it when he laid like this. the same way ben always lays!

happy halloween!!!

asher's first flight. he did soooo good! we went to see our family in michigan just before christmas!

he looked so cute chillin' in his diaper on the couch in our hotel room in michigan!

asher helped me blow out my birthday candles this year!

his first time in the snow! and obviously he had NO clue what was going on! :)

look what aunt katie got asher (aghmmm his dad) for christmas!!!

the boys chillin' on the couch. a normal saturday occurrence.

a little hike up sawnee mountain on a freezing cold day! not sure what we were thinking, but it was so nice to get out of the house!

ringing in the new year with best friend will!!

his first hair cut! sorry - but a comb over just won't do for our little rock star!

the new do!

asher's 2nd cousin - levi came to visit! they had fun hanging out!!!

i love my boys!!! they are the BEST!!!

we're going to try some rice cereal in the morning. hopefully i'll be awake enough to remember to video it. i can't wait. i think he's ready, but we shall see!

just thought i'd add this funny little comment. ben just asked what i was doing. i said blogging. he said, "what are you blogging about?" i didn't answer. he said "me? oh my husband is the greatest guy in the world." haha! funny guy!

welp, it'll be interesting to see how long it is before i post another update.

asher and i are going to capture little hollings tomorrow. she'll be 14 days old tomorrow (i think). it'll be my first shoot since i became a mom and i'm excited to finally start to get back in the swing of things. although, i don't look forward to the time it takes me to edit. but we'll see how it works. it's nice to have friends to shoot for - no pressure!


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

asher update :: awesome friends!

i can't take credit for this post. you can see who can - our awesome friends from pink coffee photoart. we made some AWESOME friends when we lived in Jax. we've missed all of them immensely and it's always SO SO nice to have weekend visits with them. Some of our besties - lyndsay and anderson came to visit last weekend and we had a very relaxing (except for the boys last minute christmas shopping trip to the mall) weekend!

i know i haven't been doing very good with keeping the blog updated with pics of our little guy! to be honest, i'm surprised too! i always thought that because i'm a photog myself i'd have a million pictures of him! instead i think i just sit there and stare at him in awe and forget to pull out my camera. he's so amazing! i keep telling ben that this Christmas is totally different for me this year! Now that I am learning what it means to LOVE THE HECK out of my own child the gift of Jesus is even more astounding to me! I have this verse - John 17:26 "For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed." written on an index card and propped up on my desk. Everytime I see it I I really get it Lord! WOW! THANKS!!!

here are some pics of our weekend with The Almeida's!
everytime we hang out with them it's sure to be filled with random crazyness and lots of laughter! and of course lots of eating - because that's what ander and i love to do! :P

the rest of this post is compliments of lyndsay!

L-The Habeck fam. R-Me trying to squeeze in all the hugs I could in one short weekend.

This little guy loves his Mommy.

Already a fashion icon. :)

L-Uncle Anderson. R-The Drool King.

The big kids.

Rock the Faux Hawk.

We have a series of "group hug" pics with Ben and Audrey. It was fun to add the munchkin this time!

It's not easy being the coolest kid in Atlanta. He even has a Twitter account!

Classic Audrey Habeck!

Don't tell anyone, but he whispered to me that I'm his favorite "Aunt".

This sums up our weekend-relaxing with good friends in our pjs!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

::north atlanta children's photographer:: bright family fun

this family was SUPER fun to shoot!
jenni is one of my good friends! we go back about 7 years and have gone through a lot together! she lives out in tim-buck-tu now so we don't get to see each other very often. but when we do it's always so fun to see how big her kids have gotten!
they are all sooo stinkin' cute!
didn't she do an awesome job of styling the whole fam?
LOVE it!!! i had SO MUCH fun editing these pics!
i was doing a little dance in my chair the whole time!

hope you enjoy!