Thursday, February 11, 2010

5 minute fabulous-ness!

meet erin. she's my cousin. she's my friend. she's our nanny. and she refers to asher as though she's his "grandma!" yeah, that's weird. but actually it's kind of funny to hear her say that! poor ash is going to be so confused when he gets older. (just to clarify, she is not his grandma, obviously...there's no possible way!) and she likes to play dress up! too bad for her we had a boy - it kind of makes me nervous! i have a feeling i'm going to come home some day and asher is going to be dressed up in girl stuff! :)
we've had this awesome skirt for a long time. in fact, i borrowed it from my friend kelley ash with sweet gravy studio! she's cool like that! i kind of feel bad that i have had it so long. don't worry kelley, it's on its way back to you! anyway, i've been wanting to do a shoot with a newspaper background for a long time. so today was the day. erin wanted to play dress up so we shot it! little man was laying on the ground in the basement (quite bored i might add) playing with his toys and sucking his paci as erin and i spent literally 5 minutes capturing this shot and probably another 10 total downloading the pic and editing it! it was pretty fun! it gave me the itch again!!! so bring it on....let's go out and do some fun photo shoots!

hope everyone stays warm this weekend!
we've got 2 inches of snow in the forecast! that means all of the bread and milk is sold out at every grocery store in atlanta!



pink coffee photoart said...

so...this is fab. erin is gorgeous. AND i'm getting ready to use a newspaper background for a shoot. we are geniuses. :)

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

That is AWESOME and of course ERIN makes it even more AWESOME! Good job Aud!!

Tori said...

ok, when you guys come visit in march (notice how i said "when" not "if") you should bring your camera and get some really cool shots of the boys together. maybe levi won't be crying and puking this time :) and it might be warm enough to do some outside stuff!! and erin looks fab, btw. you got the hottest nanny around! although my mother-in-law might be running a close second...