Friday, January 29, 2010

asher-ific - 5 months, first update

so our little asher-ific is 5 months tomorrow and yes this is the first time i have posted an update. probably because i feel like he's really only 5 weeks! wow how time flies!!!! and i's only going to go faster. i'm in denial already folks and it's only been 5 months. it makes me sad! we are absolutely head over heels in love with this little dude! he's so much fun. our little boy is a grunting king, a professional nap fighter, a drooly monster, a farting machine, a snuggle bug, and a paci sucking crazy dude! sometimes he makes us go crazy but most of the time we sit and stare at our little man and call it our baby tv!

things i've learned so far as a mom:
1) i now understand why mom's dress the way they do. gone are the days of cute silk shirts they'll just end up with dried up drool splotches on the shoulders.
2) we have A LOT of creaks in our floor, and it just so happens that most of them are in asher's room.
3) you can burn on average up to 500 calories a day nursing, and you better believe i take advantage of every one of those! ;P
4) i have mastered the art of baby talk and yes i can be found in target looking ridiculous talking to my boy in front of everyone!
5) i think i've found every bare and deserted parking lot in atlanta to sit in the backseat of my car and "pump" while i'm working. i know glamorous huh??
6) 7:30 now feels like bed time to me because that's the time i put asher to bed. it's lame, i know! but don't worry i fight it and put some toothpicks in my eyes to stay up like a big girl.
7) running with a jogging stroller is tough work, even if you have a nice one! woweee!!!
8) i now find myself talking to other mom's about diapers, food, naps, crying, tricks, and other ridiculousness.
9) i feel like i'm back in college dating my husband again. it's actually quite fun. maybe we'll even go park next time we have a date, like we did back in the good ol' days!
10) baby crap has over taken my house, and i'm not sure how i feel about that decor!

here's a little time line of snap shots throughout the last 5 months.

it's so hard to believe he was this small!

we loved it when he laid like this. the same way ben always lays!

happy halloween!!!

asher's first flight. he did soooo good! we went to see our family in michigan just before christmas!

he looked so cute chillin' in his diaper on the couch in our hotel room in michigan!

asher helped me blow out my birthday candles this year!

his first time in the snow! and obviously he had NO clue what was going on! :)

look what aunt katie got asher (aghmmm his dad) for christmas!!!

the boys chillin' on the couch. a normal saturday occurrence.

a little hike up sawnee mountain on a freezing cold day! not sure what we were thinking, but it was so nice to get out of the house!

ringing in the new year with best friend will!!

his first hair cut! sorry - but a comb over just won't do for our little rock star!

the new do!

asher's 2nd cousin - levi came to visit! they had fun hanging out!!!

i love my boys!!! they are the BEST!!!

we're going to try some rice cereal in the morning. hopefully i'll be awake enough to remember to video it. i can't wait. i think he's ready, but we shall see!

just thought i'd add this funny little comment. ben just asked what i was doing. i said blogging. he said, "what are you blogging about?" i didn't answer. he said "me? oh my husband is the greatest guy in the world." haha! funny guy!

welp, it'll be interesting to see how long it is before i post another update.

asher and i are going to capture little hollings tomorrow. she'll be 14 days old tomorrow (i think). it'll be my first shoot since i became a mom and i'm excited to finally start to get back in the swing of things. although, i don't look forward to the time it takes me to edit. but we'll see how it works. it's nice to have friends to shoot for - no pressure!



Unknown said...

He is so, so, cute! Thanks for sharing your pictures of him, Audrey. I sent one off to great grandma too (she's in Orlando with Amy)!

Tori said...

I LOVE your hair in the halloween pic. It looks kind of curled?? Cute post!! I can't believe how big the boys are getting! ahhhh!!! I wanna hear how rice cereal me hooker!

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