Tuesday, December 22, 2009

asher update :: awesome friends!

i can't take credit for this post. you can see who can - our awesome friends from pink coffee photoart. we made some AWESOME friends when we lived in Jax. we've missed all of them immensely and it's always SO SO nice to have weekend visits with them. Some of our besties - lyndsay and anderson came to visit last weekend and we had a very relaxing (except for the boys last minute christmas shopping trip to the mall) weekend!

i know i haven't been doing very good with keeping the blog updated with pics of our little guy! to be honest, i'm surprised too! i always thought that because i'm a photog myself i'd have a million pictures of him! instead i think i just sit there and stare at him in awe and forget to pull out my camera. he's so amazing! i keep telling ben that this Christmas is totally different for me this year! Now that I am learning what it means to LOVE THE HECK out of my own child the gift of Jesus is even more astounding to me! I have this verse - John 17:26 "For in Jesus, my love for you is revealed." written on an index card and propped up on my desk. Everytime I see it I think....now I really get it Lord! WOW! THANKS!!!

here are some pics of our weekend with The Almeida's!
everytime we hang out with them it's sure to be filled with random crazyness and lots of laughter! and of course lots of eating - because that's what ander and i love to do! :P

the rest of this post is compliments of lyndsay!

L-The Habeck fam. R-Me trying to squeeze in all the hugs I could in one short weekend.

This little guy loves his Mommy.

Already a fashion icon. :)

L-Uncle Anderson. R-The Drool King.

The big kids.

Rock the Faux Hawk.

We have a series of "group hug" pics with Ben and Audrey. It was fun to add the munchkin this time!

It's not easy being the coolest kid in Atlanta. He even has a Twitter account!

Classic Audrey Habeck!

Don't tell anyone, but he whispered to me that I'm his favorite "Aunt".

This sums up our weekend-relaxing with good friends in our pjs!



Katie said...

ummm really??? is that first pic on that blog him??? nooo....he looks sooo different and he is sooooo cuteee!!! awwww!! and lindsay better watch out! i'm the favorite aunt!!! :-) now i realllyyyy can't wait to see you guys!!

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

Great post and I was excited to see some pics of Asher....man he is growing fast and what a cute kid! Glad your weekend was relaxing.

Erin Morgan said...

Such beautiful photos and a wonderful home... so cozy and relaxing! Glad you had a great weekend with Anderson and his wife! What a blessing great friends are! Merry Christmas!