Thursday, March 4, 2010

loving the newborns :: atlanta newborn photographer

wow! ever since i went through this experience myself, shooting newborns is definitely a new fave! i won't ever forget how much ben and i enjoyed sitting back and watching beth capture our little man. i remember just sitting in awe staring at him the entire time. thinking, this is OUR little boy. i LOVE the heck out of him. he's SO cute!!
a couple of weeks ago i got to capture my good friend kelley's sweet little girl hollings. she was so precious! this was the first time i had the opportunity to put some of the "tricks" to work that i learned from beth! thanks girl! you ROCK!!!!!

i have to give credit to beth for this shot. she first set up asher in a shot like this and so many of my clients have loved it, they've been asking for the same one! so all props go to her!

asher came with me on this shoot. unfortunately this was the only toy there for him to play with. i say unfortunately because it is BRIGHT pink. and....i have to admit, i think he liked it....a lot!!

i can't wait for the other newborn sessions coming up soon!
amanda and jillian, can't wait to meet your sweet little ones!

p.s. - have i ever told you i HATE wearing socks? for me it feels like i'm "capping the chimney," only it's the opposite end of my body.

it's ben's 30th today! we've got family in for the weekend. so as our friend jacob would say, we've put ourselves on "lockdown." we don't get to visit with family very often so anytime they come in town we try not to answer our phones, emails, etc. we just want to soak up all the time we get with them.



Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

first off....that baby is SUPER it was SLEEPY! And then second.....ASHER...cracks me see this tiny newborn and then ASHER....bamm....he is getting so big....almost too big for the bouncy seat....haha! Oh and Jillian is a friend of ours and loves Braylen's photos and told me she was going to reach out to you...I guess she did and then Amanda....same scenario but you also know her through tennis...I referred her sister Paige to you! I am so glad you are getting business through my friends...that just means that LLOVE your work. Speaking of me, I have another job for you!