Monday, September 21, 2009


wow! i knew that having a baby was going to be an amazing experience. but i don't think anyone can possibly describe just how amazing it is! every time i sit and feed my little guy i just sit there in awe of god's amazing creation! the way he joined together two people and made a little guy that is the perfect combination of us both! it literally makes my eyes puddle! i feel like god wrapped up a little gift in my stomach for nine months and on august 30th, 2009 the present was opened and it is the best gift that ben and i have ever received!!!! god gives us lots of gifts throughout life. lots of blessings! but this is like an actual physical gift that he wrapped for us and we got to open. it's totally different than everything else!
our little man - benjamin asher was 8lbs 5oz and 21 inches long. after pushing so incredibly hard for 2 hours he just wasn't going to come down that canal so unfortunately i had to have a c-section. i was so upset! but as i was being wheeled to the operating room i knew that god was in control and i just wanted to meet this little man he made for us and for him. when the doctors pulled him out the umbilical cord was wrapped around his neck twice! praise the lord that he protected him during the whole process!
asher is an amazing little dude! he takes after his dad ALOT!!!! his little (really, not so little) toes are just like ben's. the way he lays in his bed with his arm up over his head - just like his dad. the way he stretches just like his dad and the way he rests his feet on one another. its crazy! you know you think about how they are going to look like you, but you don't realize how they are going to even act like you!
this entire experience has been completely indescribable! god, my creator has never ceased to amaze me!
our prayer for this little guy is that he would grow up to love the lord with his whole heart. that he would make a huge impact on the kingdom for the lord. that he would be a dynamic little guy and that he would be a leader. that he would find his identity in christ and not in the things of this world!
it's a big job to be given a little man and to know that my job is to raise him up for god's glory!
we will make the best effort we can, lord! we will do our best to make you proud!
thanks for giving us this amazing little dude!

here we are checking in. which let me say is quite uncomfortable while you are in labor! i mean water had broke and all i could think was, "i am in so much pain right now, i must be dilated to at least 9 cm. oh no! what if it's too late for the epidural!" and then of course regardless of whether or not you pre-registered you have to fill out as much paperwork as if you were buying a house! i mean...seriously! don't worry though, i was only 6 cm dialated when they checked me after all that. wow! thank goodness for drugs!

the smile is of course courtesy of "the epidural king!"

my amazing husband! and if i must say so myself, he looks quite HOT in that getup!!! i think i remember him asking if he could take it home! it'd be a good halloween costume! haha!

and our little cone head man!!!

first time ever seeing our little guy! wow! amazing experience!

some of our amazing friends who came as soon as they found out i was in labor and stayed all day waiting to meet our little guy! they are absolutely amazing and i can't imagine walking through life without all of them!

the grandma's! ben's mom on the left and mine on the right!

our first real family picture! :)

going home!

and...we had no idea how to use the stinkin' carseat! it was a little bit
nerve wracking to have the nurse stand there and watch you do something
you've never done before and knowing you are probably doing it all wrong!



Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

Love the post....! I definitely giggled about the carseat comment....seriously! They just stand there and watch you...and your like....ummm...excuse me...can we do this in private even though there is nothing private about it but know...first time...come on! Love your new little family!

Chaeli said...

Not sure if you remember me from Cornerstone or not- but I just happened across your blog and had to say CONGRATULATIONS on your new baby boy! Our son is 6 months old and has been such a blessing to us- all the best!


Erin Morgan said...

So great to see this post, and so confident to know that your c-section was a gift from the Lord during your scary ordeal!! I hope your recovery is going well!! What a blessing and thank you for sharing it with us!!

Amber said...

Well I guess the movies have it all wrong...I always assumed you get wheeled into the ER and they immediately make way for you and put you into a bed and bam! comes the little guy!!! what an amazing experience. Brought a tear to my eye, it really is such an incredible gift from God!!