Thursday, September 3, 2009

::meet lexi::

this girl is an absolute BLAST!!!! meet my little niece lexi, i say little - and she still is little at only 5 years old but she's the oldest of 6 kids in the entire family now! i've been waiting for this little goof ball to turn 5 and go to kindergarten since she was born. i've always wanted to be the aunt who takes all the girls shopping for school clothes. welp, my dream came true this year! i thought it was going to be thrown off because lexi lives in chicago and there was no way i was going to get my big prego belly up there to take her. but thankfully her mom and brother flew down here for the special occasion. lexi was such a riot! when we were in old navy she totally got into picking out the outfits and she was dying to get some boots!!! we of course went to the dressing room and once she got everything on she'd strike a fabulous model pose and look in the mirror and back at us and say "how do i look guys?!?!" it was so much fun! she'd then proceed out to show uncle ben and he'd tell her how adorable she looked! i had so much fun! we got her some really cute little outfits!

seriously, i have no idea where she got these poses. but i sure had a blast capturing them! she did all of the modeling all by herself!!



Jacqueline Claire said...

how much do i LOVE that orange polka dotted skirt!?!? where o' where did you find it?

glenna said...

I love the orange skirt. Great little model!