Tuesday, September 22, 2009

::simply amazing!!::

here's our little asher man!!!! wow! i am soooo in love with these pictures!
i've admired beth jansen's photography work for quite some time now. i call her the baby whisperer and she has some of the best newborn photography work out there! so, of course when i found out i was pregnant the stalking began! everytime i checked her blog there was a new newborn session that i just couldn't believe! so i started emailing her and begging her to please please please come to atlanta to capture our little guy when he is born! my begging paid off and she booked her ticket about 3 weeks before asher made his debut! i was so stinkin' pumped!!!
the session went amazing! beth is awesome and really down to earth! i wasn't expecting to actually enjoy the session so much and neither was ben. but we both loved every second of sitting there watching her "play" with our little guy who was sound asleep. it's pretty weird how staring at your own child can be so entertaining sometimes! i think i can safely say we are quite infatuated with him! here are some of the pictures she captured! i am so extremely giddy inside! i can't wait to get these pictures hung in my home!

these pictures of my all time favorite two men on this earth are so precious! i am so in love with them! thanks sooo much beth!

so - would it be too vain if i hung every picture she took in my home? really?!?! dang! i totally would if i could! :)

thanks beth! you totally rock!
i hope that we'll get to have you capture our family again some day!



amandanbo said...

i saw these on beth's blog and l.o.v.e.d them!!!! i just stumbled across her on flickr, but wish i would have found her a bit sooner for my son's newborn pics! i adore all of them! you have a beautiful family!

Lindsey said...

You hang all the pictures you like in your home....because I definitely did that with the photos that you took at my wedding. :0) Seriously...I ran out of frames and magnetized some to the fridge. Awesome.

Congrats on little Asher! He looks just like your husband!

Linden said...

Simply put these are amazing :) They brought tears to my eyes how perfect he is! Ya'll are the most adorable family! The truck one is my favorite!

It wouldn't be vain at all I totally would!

Jen Burns said...

Audrey these are fantastic! Something I regret is not having another pro come in and take my newborn pics, thinking I could do it myself! Smart girl you are! Beth is VERY talented!!

Anonymous said...

think of all the times you made fun of me for all the pics of the kids in my house....I'm just sayin'! HA! Love you girl! This pictures are awesome and you are such a beautiful family (good looking family just in case Ben reads this!) love ya, D

Paula Hickson Photography Blog said...

I'm a photog in Texas and am in love with Beth's work!! Her session with your family and adorable baby is amazing!!!!!

Lyndsay Almeida said...

i looked at these again, and this time they made me teary-eyed. what the heck?! i'm so happy for you and ben! asher is such a gorgeous baby, and the pic of the 3 of you in front of the barn is my new favorite. love you!

Tripple A said...

gosh i want to squeezzzz it!

Marty & Carly said...

Audrey and Ben,
Congrats on your little boy. Asher, love the name. Audrey you look great. These pictures are amazing! I think the one of him in the little pot is certainly one you can frame and put up in the house. Actually put them all up, they are too good to not paste them all over your house. Asher looks just like Ben! Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Audrey!
I am sooo thrilled for you and Ben on the arrival of lil' Asher! I LOVE his name and the photos are truly amazing! Loved reading all of your comments on his delivery-being a parent is the greatest gift that God has given us, isn't it? Congrats again to you both on your angel's arrival-he's perfect!