Thursday, July 2, 2009

::just a glimpse::

just a quick glimpse...because i am so darn excited!!!!

a sneak peek at what i have been so busy at work with in the (ah) world lately.

my entire life i have enjoyed shopping and fashion. over the past 2 years i have thoroughly enjoyed shooting seniors! in fact i have LOVED it! i love the creativity in the session. i love the fashion flare in the poses and the clothes and surroundings and everything! there's a lot more info to come on (ah) seniors, soon you'll see a new (ah) seniors website and everything! but just for now, here's a quick sneak peek for my senior rep at south forsyth high school! she totally rocked this session! she did such a great job putting together her wardrobe and we had a total BLAST together during her session.

more on the details of her session later. but for now - hannah.....i hope you enjoy!


amber Douglas said...

WOW!! I WISH my senior pics had looked like this!!

Jaime Cox said...

woot woot!!!

Becka said...

Gorgeous! I like to check your blog (from Florida) every once in a while to look at your latest amazing work...and today I check in and see my cousin! You have captured how pretty that little lady is!

audrey habeck said...

thanks so much becka! she definitely is gorgeous! i love those girls! they are so much fun!!!

pink coffee photoart said...

i can't wait for the new site-so exciting! that picture is super-hot!!!