Tuesday, July 7, 2009


these pictures just make me plain happy! i love them!
these are some of our greatest friends from jacksonville - lyndsay and anderson!
we've missed them lots since we've moved to atlanta but every now and then we get to sneak in some little visits here and there. they aren't ever long enough, but at least it's something!

can you guys please come visit over labor day. please!
hey you never know - maybe i will go into labor that weekend and you guys could go to the hospital with us....that would be sure to top the list of our random outings together! haha!
ben and ander could bring guitar hero and rock it out in the labor room. that'd probably be a good distraction from the contractions!



Lyndsay Almeida said...

you are so sweet! awe, we miss you so much. i'd LOVE to go to the hospital-can you even imagine?! you'd have to keep an eye on anderson though-he might try to name the baby...you look so good pregnant. kind of like you have a big ball under your shirt and that's it!

Tori said...

Fun!! I am so in love with these pictures!

Unknown said...

Cute lil' belly you have there!