Tuesday, April 21, 2009

::braylen 6 months::

oh my goodness! this little girl is sooo cute! and she was sooo fun to capture. i captured braylen when she was just born. i think she was only about 6 days old. it was quite fun. she is now 6 months and it was so fun to see how much she has grown and how much her personality has developed. i just love all of her faces! her surprised faces, her big smiles at her mommy, and her big googly eyes while bitting on the metal bucket! she sure was a blast!
sarah had some super cute things for braylen for her pictures. i absolutely loved that she had those adorable leg warmers. there's just something about babies and leg warmers that i think is so stinkin' cute! and her little hat with the big pink flower was so fun too! all the little accents added so much to the pictures.

thanks so much sarah! i had a blast with you girls!
grant is one lucky man!!!



pink coffee photoart said...

i hope you have several pair of those leg warmers on hand when little mr. habeck is born! they are so cute. you did an awesome job on these! i just love the bucket shot. :)

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

Oh audrey....I love them. Several of your favorites are mine as well. I can't wait to share these with my family and put these around my house. I want to get some for our mom's...they would love them!!! Thank you again for always helping us!

Melissa said...

PRECIOUS!!!!! OMG she's like a piece of candy. SO sweet. Beautiful baby, beautiful pictures.

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

these are precious! great job, girl!

Arielle Langhorne said...

Hi Audrey,
I love this series, and those leg warmers, too cute! The hat is adorable, you really had a very sweet model to work with too.