Wednesday, April 22, 2009


better late than never...

i did this session about a month ago. it was in the midst of my "no blogging, because i am so unmotivated." i'm going to take this opportunity to blame all of that unmotivation on the pregnancy. i'm not much of an excuse person for prego stuff, but i will say that is the biggest thing i've felt during this whole thing. just unmotivated to bother with my blog. sorry blog!!!

anyways....on to more important, funner (yes i just used the word funner and it's not even a real word) things! braeden was super cute! his mom and dad found out about me through my good friend sarah. we had so much fun with his session. he was only 2 weeks old and was such a trooper.

hope you have enjoyed your pictures missy!



pink coffee photoart said...

awe-that first one is awesome, and i LOVE the ones of him with mommy and daddy. so sweet!! if you keep this up i'm going to get the baby bug. :)