Tuesday, April 28, 2009

::seasoned love::

this couple was so refreshing! they are the parents of my really good friend amber.
i'm not sure how long they've been married but i know it has been at least 27 years. they had this electric vibe between them that was so fun! they giggled at each other, they had that certain sparkle in their eyes for each other, and they would make funny faces and stick out their tongues. i loved it! honestly, you would have thought that they were newlywed's or something! they were so sweet!

thanks so much joan and dave!
i had such a nice time with you!
it was sooo refreshing to see a couple who has been married for so long love each other so much and have so much fun with eachother!


Amber said...

They will be celebrating 33 years of marriage this year! Wahoo!

They had a great time on your shoot. You take beautiful pics!

Amber said...

They will be celebrating 33 years of marraige this year! Wahoo!

They had a really fun time with you at the shoot. You take beautiful pictures!

pink coffee photoart said...

that last shot is hot stuff. i want to do a session like this. it's so sweet!

ps-i MISS you!