Saturday, February 14, 2009

last saturday...

happy valentine's day!

last weekend we went up to beech mountain, nc with a group of friends (jake & jessica and duran & lindsey). jake's grandparents have a great place nestled in the mountains there. it was sooo nice! the view's were gorgeous, the weather was beautiful, the food was good and plentiful, and the time with friends was cherished! we played lots of scattegories every night by the fire. saturday we all slept in and woke up to a delicious breakfast that duran had made all of us. and then it was off to the slopes for a day full of skiing! it was in the 50's. we couldn't have had better weather for a bunch of southerner's to go skiing. and surprisingly the snow wasn't wet and heavy. it was perfect!!! it felt sooo good to go skiing again. ben and i grew up skiing and we hadn't been in about 5 years. now i definitely have the itch to get out to colorado. maybe next year!!!
the girls - lindsey, audrey & jessica
the boys - duran, jake & ben

the place! it was so perfect!
unfortunately this weekend will be quite different than last weekend. but still a great weekend! tonight i'm going to the movies with one of my agents who has also become a good friend - shopaholic here we come!!!
and tomorrow - the ever so loved hallmark holiday - valentines! ben and i haven't ever been real big celebraters of this holiday. but we typically make a nice romantic dinner at home, usually complete with some sort of heart shaped desert. yes - i know i'm a dork!
i'm feeling the urge to start to do a little spring cleaning, so i'm sure that'll go down sometime saturday and then sunday we are going to check out a new church in atlanta - passion city church. louie giglio is the pastor. we're super excited!
hope yall have a great one!


Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

This ski trip WAS great! Cant wait to go again soon!

Stacy said... are killin me... :0)

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

I am a huge skier also....I use to live in Boone, NC......! Won't be making out West this year b/c of the new addition, however, we try to get out there often. About V-Day...we stayed in and made HOMEMADE chicken marsala and cream spinach and a HEART shaped homemade cookie was AWESOME....and lots of red wine..heehee! At least we are on the same page for things...ha!

audrey habeck said...

hehehe....sarah - i think we're twins separated at birth. and jess- just tell us when and we'll be there. i say we go for the other beach house this time. ;)

nsalba said...

Nice photos, you guys really enjoy yourselves!