Monday, February 16, 2009

oh how i love....


yes - i am giving a shout out to my favorite place on earth!!!!
this place never ceases to amaze me. i was roaming through different blogs today and noticed a post about some new chairs that target has. they totally look like something out of the anthropologie catalog. now, i must admit that i'm a little ashamed of myself for not discovering these on my own. i mean, seriously. i guess it was a good wake up call, i've been neglecting the poor bullseye.

i'm so in love - and the prices are so right! now if i just had a place that i could put them.
happy shopping.


Stacy said...

nuu uh!! I don't know how to spell that but hopefully you can hear me saying it!! Those are so pretty!

Tori said...

Seriously?? Don't ever neglect the bullseye...I'm so disappointed in you. And in that big ole house, I'm sure you could find a place for one of these!

Janessa VanOeffelen said...

These are Thomas Paul fabrics! :) We carry these at RT London. Love them! In fact, we are putting a large round ottoman in the Canary brown fabric in the Parade Home we are furnishing this fall! LOVE Thomas Paul stuff! The fabric is available through Duralee. I have a wholesale account through them if you ever want some of the fabric (window treatments, etc.) :)