Friday, February 13, 2009


wardrobe inspiration that is.

fyi....crewcuts is having a decent sale. i haven't ever checked out the outfits for crewcut kids, but this little outfit for a boy is just too cute! now granted...all of these items can add up. but no one said you had to get each one from crewcuts. layers, layers, layers make pictures so much cuter! can't you imagine this outfit on a little boy chillin' next to a random chimney in the middle of a field? i might just know of exactly where one of those chimney's might be. and it's been calling my name for wayyyy too long! it'd be sooo stinkin cute!!!

maybe even a cool loose tie around his little neck???
i wish i could put it on a little model and show you how cute.
happy sale shopping!


J2Samples said...

oh whit will model. and i'm pretty sure i know what chimney. we'll meet you there... :)