Saturday, November 1, 2008


every (ah) client i *shoot* this morning will be receiving one of these!

in fact, every (ah) client from here on out will be receiving one of these at their session!

i am so excited about the new (ah) inspire guides!
so often i get clients telling me that they love their pictures but aren't quite sure how to display them in their homes. i have a solution, and i'm super excited about it!

each (ah) client will be reciving one of these gift bags at their (ah) session! this bag is chocked full of goodies and ideas to inspire you to use your (ah) portraits as art to display in your homes!

the thing i love most about these wall displays is the flexibility in them! often times i get nervous to get my favorite pictures blown up really big, because i'm afraid i won't appreciate it as much when i get older. the best part about these wall displays is that they can change with you. you purchase the frames and then after every (ah) session you can refill the frames with your most recent family pictures! how cool is that? of course i love that because you know me....i can't make decisions! so this is perfect. not too big of a commitment!

the inspire guides have some awesome wall display ideas and come complete with your own measuring tape and of course i couldn't leave out the hugs & kisses (xoxo)!

i had so much fun putting these packets together!
i hope all of you enjoy them!



Tori said...

I love your little creative!