Friday, October 31, 2008

friday feature

this post is in honor of my little nephew. the 1st little boy in our family! i haven't even gotten to meet him yet, which makes me sad! i can't wait until thanksgiving to meet the little bugger!!!!
soooo today for the friday feature i thought i'd share some super cute baby boy stuff!

look at this tie onesie! isn't it adorable? i'm not sure if it's the mohawk that i love so much or the tie onesie. all in all super cute!!!! this came from the very kiki etsy shop. she has tons of other fun stuff for little kids. go check her out!

and these?!?!?!!!! seriously! i love them! so tiny and sweet and boy all at the same time! these came from simply j crochet. she has tons of other great stuff in her shop like super cute hats and hair clips and booties, etc etc.

i don't know what it is about orange and blue together but i looooovvvveeee those colors together! especially for little boys. and of course, i love polka dots. anyone who knows me, knows that for sure! they just gravitate to me in stores. i can't help it!
i think this hat would look soooo cute on a little boy. i found it at plonka by dalinda.
she has a whole assortment of cool stuff. go check her out!

i hope you all are staying warm!
i almost forgot!
and of course, happy friday!

by the way, the little guy at the top is not my nephew, just in case you might've thought it was!
i'll post some pics of him after i see him at thanksgiving! can't wait!



Dykema's said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only person obsessed with polka dots! How funny... Seriously, I can't help but buy circle/polka dot bedding, clothes (mostly for the kids), make polka dot cakes, paint Madisyn's walls with circles... you get the idea :D Hope you're doing great!

Erin Morgan said...

Thanks for posting the boy stuff. So many sellers have super cute girl stuff, and its tough sometimes to find quality boy stuff. I purchase that very tie onesie from very kiki a couple of months ago. She's a great seller and has some super cute stuff. Have a great week!