Monday, November 3, 2008

twins = soooo much fun!

oh my goodness!

i *shot* these two boys about 2 weeks ago (yes i'm behind on all this stuff - sorry!).
and they were a riot! ashley and i had to chase them around the neighborhood, which was sooo fun. but i am quite sure that we were making fools of ourselves trying to get their attention. sometimes, i think i'd like to hear a recording of that. i mean seriously, the things we will do!
shooting 2 year olds is a fun challenge in and of itself. but 2 of them? holy smokes!

i loved every single second with these boys and their mom. they were sooo adorable!

i tried some new vintage techniques. what do ya think?

thanks so much ashley!
can't wait to *shoot* the boys again!
hope you loved all of your pictures!
ps- blogger is really frustrating me right now! i can't get these pictures any bigger like i normally do. sorry guys!