Friday, October 24, 2008

friday feature

so today....i thought i'd do 6 etsy items under $20 bucks!

here goes.....

1) purple knit tea bag tote. i love tea! and i think this is super cute! it'd be a great thing to add to a gift that you give someone, maybe one of those cute monogrammed mugs from anthropologie. that'd be a nice little gesture for a special friend! if you like this tea tote, check out jacqueline knits etsy shop! tell her you saw her stuff on (ah)!

2) isn't this ring super fun? only $12 bucks! i love the simplicity of it. and for some reason, i just love different buttons. they fascinate me. go get yourself one at talula's shop! she has a lot of other fun accessories too!

3) knit hot orange coffee sleeve. how fun! with my forgetful brain i'd probably never remember to have this with me when i went to get my starbucks jolt, but i still think it's super cute! check out the karma crochet shop for other fun stuff!

4) ok, so this is super fun! i wish i had some photo booth picture strips! ben and i were at a convention the other day and there was a photobooth there. i'm so mad we didn't go take advantage!!! oh well! i love this book anyways! i bet you could fit other pictures in it too!!!
there's lots of other super fun stuff in the freckled nest shop!!!

5) love poppies. love notecards. love recycled! love homemade!
can you get much better than that? these cards are all that and more. a super cute set of 6 stitched recycled poppy notecards! check out all the numbers shop for more fun stuff!

6) how fun are these? and so unique! these are coasters made from old antique gramophone records. so fun huh? coasters are just one of those things that can be so boring....but these certainly aren't! i love them. i'm gonna have to find someone on the christmas list to get these for!!! go check out the old red pump shop!

soooo, all while i was typing this and saying everything out loud "in my head" i was thinking to myself....sheeeeeshhh...i kinda feel like one of those hosts on the late night qvc show or something. kinda funny.

it's time for bed time!!!
yikes...i'm tired!

hope you all have a great friday!!!
i know i'm going to!



Karmacrochet said...

Thank you so much for featuring me! You have a great blog.


Anonymous said...

love your site........look forward to seeing you and Ben Nov. 8th!!

Unknown said...

I see Gail Brent's post below, don't tell me you guys are coming to town this weekend!??
I'm at a Starbucks in St. Peterburg's, FL and can't wait to get on the website you advertise so well. You are a precious shopping girl.

How are you??