Thursday, October 23, 2008

four things...and a few more......

this pic doesn't have much to do with this post. but posts are boring without them. we're getting ready to go on another hiking trip this weekend! can't wait!

four (4) things i did today…
1- woke up sore from body attack the night before
2- met with my agents and of course loved every minute of it
3- ran by j. crew on my way home. great sale by the way! got a cute hoodie for $17 and a super nice sweater that i've been eyeing for months. normally $148, i got it for $54! yay me!
4- worked on my new wedding website!
5- went to rei to get a few final things for our hiking trip this weekend! it's gonna be a cold one, but i can't wait to zone out in front of the fire! ahhh...the smell of a bonfire! i love it! btw...check out the firewood candle from bath and body works. a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! who ever thought of that was a genius - you are a genius henri bendel!!!

four (4) things on my to do list…
1- finish lindsey's (my ever so patient bride) proofing gallery of her wedding and send her an email with her password to her proofing gallery
2- put together some new "inspire guide's" for my client sessions next weekend. btw....more to come on that later.
3- prepare a "friday feature" blog post
4- follow-up with my insurance agents on some workers' comp accounts, get them to write them with us!
sorry - had to add another 5- call my lovely sis....whom i miss very much!

four (4) of my guiltiest pleasures…
1- shopping: definitely could be considered a shop-a-holic.
2- sweetness - candy and deserts! they get me. and i would consider myself to be a healthy eater. there's always something that can get the best of us!!!
3- being outside, it's not really guilty...but i do love it!
4- trying to get my husband to "do it" in random places. don't worry i'm not very successful at that. sorry - it asked for guiltiest pleasures. that's the truth!

four (4) random facts about me…
1- i grew up in michigan and i'm proud to be a yankee. embarrassing moment - before i moved down here i didn't know what a yankee was. when people would call me a yankee i always thought they thought i was from new york. finally i told someone "you know, i'm not from new york!" yup....embarrassing....another one of those many blonde moments i frequently experience.
2- i like freshly painted toe nails - french to be specific. but i don't get to do it very often.
3- i have a weird habit of collecting random water bottles. i like the nalgene's, camelbak's, and all the knockoff's especially if they are pink. i have about 10 of them. who needs 10 different water bottles. overkill!!!!
4- i am the clumsiest person alive! i have lots of stories. in the past 6 months i've had to get 2 new cell phones from my company because i keep breaking them. and then, the other day i had to do a urine test at the dr's. so i went in the bathroom and saw a tub of wet wipes. i took one out and got "that area" clean. YIKES!!! it burned sooo bad. i was like...what the heck? once i looked at the tub again i realized what was wrong. those weren't to wipe off human parts. they were to kill bacteria on counters and such. but in my defense - the dr's shouldn't be puttin' those things out like that. i mean seriously. not everyone is smart enough to read stuff first.


i didn't get tagged to do this post. i found it on another bloggers site.
but i think i will tag a few people....
lyndsay - my sweet sweet encouraging photography friend
stacy - one of my jax side kicks!




Derek and Katie said...

That doctors story is the funniest thing I've ever heard Aud. That is so you! Love you and can't wait till Thanksgiving

Amber said...

Oh Audrey! This is the greatest post ever. I love how raw and candid you are! :)

Stacy said...

Never been tagged before! I'm nervous! :0) Should I talk about how we join clubs?! :0)

Shane said...

Awesome post. Appreciate you saying what others are thinking but afraid to say it.