Friday, October 17, 2008

friday feature

these friday features are fun aren't they?!?!?!
i'm getting lots of fun comments from people i didn't even know read my blog!
thanks guys! i love getting comments, they make my day!!!

i'm feelin' a little jewelry for today's friday feature. and i came across a lot of fun pieces this week during my perusing.
hope you all enjoy!!!

this is the first piece... the artist named it - "decidedly decadent pearls"
i think it fits perfectly!!!! thanks for sharing all of your awesome stuff with the etsy world - madame fortuna. if you love this as much as i do - go check out her other stuff by clicking on her name!

and of course i couldn't just keep it to one piece.
so here's a couple more by rachelle d. she's rockin' with these necklaces! i just love the color combos and the flower details! mmm mmm mmmmmmm!
something about blue and red together just makes me soooo happy!!! love love love the uniqueness to these necklaces!

in case you are thinking about booking an {ah} session for the holidays please note that i only have 2 session dates left.
this saturday - october 18th, i will be doing {ah} sessions all day downtown atlanta. i have a few slots left! please contact me if you're interested. otherwise - saturday, november 1st will be your last chance. {ah} will be doing a day full of sessions at cagle's dairy farm. i think this will be a super fun day for {ah} clients and their families. cagle's is a great family place with all the fun harvesty type stuff! email me to save your spot, there's only a few left on this date as well!

hope you all are having a wonderful friday!



pinkcoffee photoart said...

i want this one!!:

Jennifer Katherine said...

OOoooh. Birds on necklaces?! Sold.

Jennifer Katherine said...

Oooh. Birds on necklaces! Sold. Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Katherine said...

Oh yeah. About the shop...I don't currently have a shop online, but that's a big part of what Elegant Journey is about - my 'journey' to starting my art again. I am honored you'd consider me for a 'Friday Feature'! How neat! Perhaps you could do one from a different of an artist who is just starting out?!

Anonymous said...

I think you have great taste in jewelry..........I remember being impressed with some cool beads that you were wearing, way back in the early Access days. Look forward to seeing you Nov. 8th!!! Gail B.