Wednesday, October 15, 2008

toppings....part 3

i am sooooooooo excited about this new product!

this is the 5x5 session favorites album. and it is full of attitude. a combination of your favorite images and decorative print borders embelish the highest quality pages in the market. you select your favorite {ah} session images to be displayed in this stunning album covered with a white leather detail. you guys are going to looooove this!!!!
i am so excited that i was able to include this awesome product in the lexi and ellie packages. i know so many of my {ah} clients have a difficult time choosing which images they want printed. and you can't frame a million 4x6 images in your house - it just looks like a bunch of clutter. so why not display them all together?'s the solution. get all of your favorites in this sweet little book to lay on your coffee table, bedside stand, book shelf, office desk, etc. etc.

here are all the pics i put in this album. i finally ordered something for myself. this is my "miracles" session album.

i hope all of you guys love this as much as i do!
and...the pictures just don't do it justice!!!




Anonymous said...

Baby Ty can't wait to be added!! He won't be that tiny though by the time you see him!!