Tuesday, August 5, 2008

meet the *b* family

i had so much fun shooting this family in the dead of heat a couple saturdays ago. it's always so much more fun when you have a client who just trusts you! this family had such a sweet connection. especially the mom and dad. they could hardly keep their eyes off each other. i loved it!

this is definitely one of my new favorites! if i had one like this of ben and i - it'd definitely be on canvas in our room. i love the emotion in this. the way they are all tangled together.

she was so sweet with her daddy!

isn't the pic on the right fun? with mom and sis in the bottom right corner watching.

hope everyone is having a great week!
tomorrow's hump day! already! yay!


lyndsay said...

aud, i swear, your processing just keeps getting better-is that possible?!

you should put up that picture of them and just pretend it's you and ben. :)

ps-happy hump day to you too!!

audrey habeck said...

sheeeeshhh...you're a genius! actually...if my dream ever comes true someday and i have my own studio - it'll prolly be framed or on canvas on the walls!

lynette said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your work!! I especially love the "b" family since they are precious friends! I cannot wait to see all the rest!!

audrey habeck said...

awww....thanks lynette!