Thursday, August 7, 2008

oh what a night......

for some reason that song just popped into my head! gotta love the 90's! and of course don't forget the wonderful 80's too!

ok - so that's not what my post is about.

i got to do 2 of my favorite things last night. actually 3!
ben had rehearsal at church last night so i scheduled a session. i had sooo much fun shooting this couple. they are expecting their first child - a baby boy - in three weeks! i can't wait to meet the little guy. by the looks of his parents he's going to be adorable!
after my session i met up with my friend kelley to go mountain biking! how refreshing! i haven't been in almost 2 years because there wasn't anywhere to "mountain" bike in jacksonville. go figure! anyway. we rode 8 miles and were soooo dirty and smelly afterwards! i've got a nickname for kelley - it's smelly ass - cuz smelly rhymes with her name and ass rhymes with her last, and everytime we bike we both smell so bad! random - i know!
after we we were spent from riding we went to kroger to get a big chunk of watermelon! ooooo there is nothing more refreshing than watermelon on a hot summer night when you're all dirty and sweaty. we enjoyed it in good ol' redneck style too! plopped down the hatch of her truck right in the parking lot and dug in - forget cutting it! it's so much more fun to get the juice all over your face! mmmmmmm! needless to say- that was dinner!
it was such a nice night. and then to top it off i came home, took a shower, and snuggled with my hubby on the couch watching "so you think you can dance." which by the way....i love! and will definitely be going to the show when it comes to atlanta!
hope you all had a good hump day too!



lyndsay said...

you are a yankee-turned-hillbilly. :)

ericamentzer said...

Heyyy, it was so much fun doing our pictures with you!! Had i known you were going to tear some watermelon up, i would have let you start with ours!! hahaha!!! Chad loved you, how could you not!! We can't wait to see what you do with our pics and Brayden's pics! I almost just want him here to take pictures of him, is that bad! haha!! ;) have a great weekend, do something fun!!!! :)

audrey habeck said...

erica - you guys were a blast!! can't wait to capture brayden!!!