Monday, August 4, 2008

happy 6 years....

it was saturday night when we were having a big dinner at our house for ben's aunt and uncle. after dinner ben all of the sudden disappeared. i couldn't figure out where he had gone. i called him and he said he went to go get more snickers for the ice cream. i was oblivious and told him we already had snikcers. after he was gone for about an hour. i figured it out. tomorrow was going to be our anniversary - he was on a mission. it kind of sent me into a panic because i didn't have anything for him. i had thought of a lot of stuff. but never had time to go through with any of it. (i'm still working on it) we've been sooo busy lately! he hates holidays. it's not the holiday's fault, but he would prefer to get a nice mushy gushy letter from me on just some ordinary day, than on a holiday. it means more - and he's right! i on the other hand think holidays are a good excuse to do one more thing for each other. he knows i like them. we were sitting on the couch sunday morning eating cinnamon rolls and drinking coffee and he walked in with a bunch of sunflowers. then, when i got out of the shower a little later he walked in with a shopping bag and pulled out 4 outfits that he picked out all by himself at the store and said "why don't you wear one of these today!" he knows what i like! but....i just have to put some mushy gushy stuff on here about him. because i love him so much i could sing it from the rooftops. i could stand in a crowd of a million other hot amazing guys and i'd still pick him! he's an amazing man, and he's the one i prayed for and always hoped and dreamed i'd be married to.

his ability to love me regardless of the uglyness inside me.
his desire to please god and seek him first encourages me!
his ability to look at anyone and find good in them motivates me.
his willingness to listen to anyone and get along with them.
his honesty and integrity
his drive to provide for me and us provides me so much stability and comfort
the way he comforts me and encourages me when i'm upset
the way he's always on my side, but still corrects me when i'm wrong
the way he always speaks good things about me to other people
i love the way he "brags" on me!
the way he handles our money - even though i might get frustrated at times b/c i want to go shopping.
the way he encourages me in everything!
i love listening to him play his guitar back in his office.
i love it when he calls me "rumps" or "rumplestilskin" or the numerous other nicknames he has for me.
i love it when he taps my butt - i'm sorry...i had to say it.
and i love his sneaky "grabs" when we're driving in the car.
i love his tight tight tight hugs in the mornings.
i love it when he tells me, "aud, pleaseeee be careful!" when i leave for work every morning.
i love it when we cuddle every night while i'm falling asleep and he watches seinfeld or that 70's show.
i love it when he says "i love the hell out of you!" or "loves it bitch!" both are inside jokes- sorry for the language.
i love all of his little quirks!
i love all of the little faces he makes.

i love the man that he strives to be, and i love that he makes me want to be a better person!
i can't believe i've been with him for 6 years already, and i can't wait to spend the rest of my entire life with him! i'm so thankful to god for giving him to me!



lyndsay said...

Happy Anniversary!

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

Happy Anniversary guys make people want to fall in love.....always inspirational! Love Grant and Sarah

Erin Morgan said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! Ken and I will celebrate our 6 year next Sunday! Isn't it so crazy how time flies? And yet I still remember the year you were engaged and Ben couldn't make up his mind!! Cracks me up! You guys are perfect for each other!! Congrats!