Wednesday, July 9, 2008

recklessley abandoning....

ok....i'm just going to be completely transparent here. i don't want any of this to come across the wrong way or sound just read with an open mind.

for those of you who know me - you know i have a personal relationship with my creator. it's cool! life is amazing, not in a way where nothing goes wrong - more like i can handle anything because i know i've got Him.
sooooo....i'm reading this book by francis chan called crazy love. i'm not very far into it. the other day i was reading and he so eloquently and simply wrote something that i've thought about for years.
"why are we so quick to forget God? Who do we think we are? I find myself relearning this lesson often. Even though I glimpse God's holiness, I am still dumb enough to forget that life is all about God and not about me at all."

let me just tell you that time spent worshiping God and reading His word is unexplainably fulfilling for me! but it just doesn't make sense to me that I can be so fulfilled by something yet walk away from it on a daily basis - so easily. i love deserts - but i promise you, rarely do i pass up the opportunity to eat desert, especially if its sitting right in front of me. Why then is it so easy for me to pass him up? sometimes i even feel sick after eating desert - but i still eat it. it just doesn't make sense. and it's so frustrating!

last night i was on my way home from a really loooong meeting at work. our marketing meeting was from 12-5 and then the team went out for dinner until 9. i was exhausted. i was listening to one of my new favorite songs called wild horses by natasha bedingfield. she has some awesome lyrics, not to mention an amazing voice that i am extremely jealous of! sometimes when i'm driving in the car i'll belt it out (and i think i sound as good as her)! ha!!!! i only wish! boy - the people driving around me must get good laughs watching me belt it out in my car!
anyways.....i love the chorus!
"Wild horses I wanna be like you
Throwing caution to the wind
I'll run free too
Wish I could recklessly love, like I'm longing to
I wanna run with the wild horses, run with the wild horses!
I wanna run too.
Recklessly abandoning my self before you
I wanna open up my heart tell him how I feel"

i was thinking to myself yesterday evening...."recklessley abandoning myself to you." gosh i wish it was as easy to do as it is to sing! what if we could recklessley abandon ourselves? i wonder then what this world would look like! its amazing how much beauty and potential our sin covers up. it's a shame!

i'll have another post tonight! i have some pictures to share that i finally got the chance to edit!

have a good day yall!
i'm gonna go belt it out in the car!



michael said...

I believe that if we ask the Holy Spirit for help, then we can abandon ourself, a little more each day, to be more like Jesus, and less like us.