Wednesday, July 9, 2008

ooooo baby, baby!

meet sweet baby claire! she is truly a little miracle. i know claire's mom very well. we've been through a lot together. i took some maternity shots for jenni about a month or 2 ago and i am so excited that little claire is here - happy, healthy, and sweet as can be! congrats jenni! i know this little girl will bring lots of joy and smiles to your family!

surprise, surprise - i can't decide which i like better - b&w or color.

off to jax to do sessions all day on saturday with lyndsay from pinkcoffee photoart!
can't wait to see all my jax clients again and hang with one of my favorite girls!



Sarah said...

I can't wait for you to do mine.....I'm not that creative so I hope you have a lot up your sleeves....I want you to impress a bunch of my friends so you can gain them for future clients...

audrey habeck said...

i can't wait either!!!! when are we going to do your maternity shoot?