Saturday, July 12, 2008

three little birds.....

man i love these three little girls!!! i just wish i could see them more often!

they are my neices. and they each have their own huge personality. ellie's on the left. she's the more sweet subdued cuddly one. don't get me wrong though - she can throw her little temper tantrums too. but i love to cuddle and snuggle with her! her hugs and sweet little eyes make you feel sooo warm and tingly inside! and the middle - that's braily. this girl has some faces, let me tell you! holy smokes! i can't wait to finish editing her session so i can post more about her. she's such a riot! and on the right - is lexi. our super hyper, super fun, little tomboy. this girl can't and won't sit still for any longer than 5 seconds and i love that so much about her! she keeps everyone on their toes!!!

lyndsay and i had a blast this weekend!
but we're tired and so happy to be inside in the air conditioning!
stay posted this'll see some sneak peeks from this weekend!




lyndsay said...

i love the processing on these! lexi sounds like you!

Derek & Katie said...

Awsome pictures, i can't wait till you finish with the rest! Thanks Aunt Aud your the BEST!!!

m & d said...

I LOVE these pics! You have a unique way of capturing their personalities. Good job.

audrey habeck said...

thanks so much for all the comments guys! they make my day!

Sarah said...

I love the name Lexi, Braily, and Ellie.......decisions, decisions.....but I think Ellie is still in the running