Monday, May 5, 2008

code of ethics

sooo....ben and i have some awesome friends down in jacksonville - barry & cynthia. i took some pics of them a couple months ago, they are such a hot couple! anyway....barry is the man behind the christian electronic infused band called code of ethics. they recorded for a while with forefront records in the nineties and are still quite popular in the U.K.
barry took a break from code for a couple years but after an amazing story (read it here), the lord has lead him back to his amazing music! he and his wife just got back from the gma's in nashville, tn and hopefully they launched some hype for his upcoming touring season.
we love you guys barry and cyn!
we're so excited for you and praying that the lord will do some awesome work through your music this summer!
come visit us!
here are some pics i took for coe a couple months ago.

i'd love to start doing some more band shots!
lots of fun, and it's so energizing to work with other artists!


Heather said...

these ROCK! (no pun intended) Seriously. Way fun! What a fun subject!

audrey habeck said...

thanks girl!