Monday, April 28, 2008

the johnston family

my friend stephanie had family in town from south africa so we had to shoot the whole family together! they are all so sweet and so loving toward each other. i'm so happy that i was able to capture some pics of all of them together to cherish until the next time they see eachother. the one above is my all time favorite! i think it describes this family perfectly! when they are together they don't care what they do, they just want to be together. not to mention, steph loves holding hands with the people she loves - i know that sounds dumb, but it's not - it's so extremely sweet! whenever these guys are all together they go for hikes at amicalola falls or sawnee mountain park as often as possible. i love this family!
i hope you guys enjoy!



Anonymous said...

hooray! i love them. i cannot wait to show them! i don't want to give them the link to your site because i want to give them as presents! thanks for capturing my sweet family in the little window of time they were here. love you!

lyndsay said...

These are wonderful. Seriously, one of my favorite sessions of yours so far!! We have to come up with some fun ideas for Memorial weekend. Love you :)