Monday, May 12, 2008

benton mckaye

what a great weekend! ben and i decided to go backpacking this past weekend. we went with our friends dave and jess. we went to the benton mckaye which crosses over the appalachian trail several times. we drove up there late friday afternoon. ben and i got there first and we hiked in about a mile and set up camp. we had a lot of time to just sit there and enjoy the surroundings while we waited for dave and jess to arrive. some of my favorite things - staring into a campfire and uninterrupted (by a cell phone or computer) time with my husband. we just sat there for a couple hours and chatted by the fire. it was sooo nice and refreshing!

then we got up and hiked about 8 miles on saturday. by the end of the hike my legs felt like they were going to fall off! we set up camp near a river on saturday night. it was perfect and FREEZING. holy smokes! i decided that it would be a good idea to sit in the freezing cold river for a couple minutes to help my aching legs. it took my breath away! we were so tired from the hike that we were ready for bed before the sun went down. we had a thunderstorm saturday night. i'm not a fan of thunderstorms when i'm in my cozy home, let alone in a little tent in the middle of nowhere. i was a little scared.

us and our nerdy head lamps. but let me just tell ya, those things are awesome! no more trying to hold the flashlight while you try to pee in the woods.

the pic to the left is of ben in his kitchen. this is where he made us dinner on saturday night and coffee in the morning.

all in all, the whole weekend was amazing! being out there in the middle of the forest was so awesome! god's creation never ceases to amaze me! the way the wind blew through the trees sounded exactly like the waves crashing on the shore. two completely different settings - yet both still amazing and so similar in the way they show god's power and vastness! hearing the thunder echo through the canyons at night was amazing and again reminded me of his power and his attention to every little detail. seeing the tree trunks during the day when they are dry and the way they reflected this silvery gray color and my favorite color of green on the leaves. and then seeing those same trees the next day look completely different because they were wet. and how different it made everything look - more contrast - a little darker and a little brighter both at the same time. he's just simply amazing!
(just a little disclaimer - none of these pics were edited. just taken from a snap and shoot)


Erin Morgan said...

You guys look so great and I am sure you had a wonderful time! And we love the head lamps too. They are life savers, even in a power outage :) Hugs to you both!!

Morales Family said...

Is that a dog in the picture?? Hope he was a licker! :)