Tuesday, December 18, 2007

catch up....

wow! it's been a couple days. lots has happened. i may have to do a couple posts because there is so much stuff. as you know we started celebrating my brithday a couple fridays ago. my birthday was last monday the 10th. ben made me my favorite breakfast - "audrey eggs" on health nut bread by arnold mill. yup! i'm a dork. audrey eggs are over easy. we call them that because ben likes scrambled. so that's how we differentiate what kind of eggs we're making. dorks....i know! when he brought me my breakfast he had put candles in the eggs. what a great guy! he's so sweet! and i finally joined the ipod world! yup, that's right i got an ipod nano for my bday. i love it! i also got the nike attachment to it so it tracks how far i run, my pace, calories burned, etc. etc. it's saweeettt! i ran with it today! 5 miles! yowzers!

this is a great friend of mine in jacksonville! katherine! her birthday is a couple days before mine so we went out to lunch with a couple other girls to celebrate. look how huge this "slice" of carrot cake is. it was more like a whole cake. i couldn't believe how big it was! the picture doesn't even do it justice! sheeeeesh!