Tuesday, December 18, 2007

love these girls!

i love these girls! i had to go to atlanta for a week of meetings for work. i got to atlanta on tuesday - the day after my birthday. and it's tradition for the 3 of us to go out for dinner together everytime i'm in town. this time it was for my birthday! man...we've gotten more quality time together since i moved away! crazy isn't it? the things you gotta do to get some time! sheesh i tell ya! j/k! so anyway...we went to one of my most favorite restaurants ever! the fickle pickle. it's in roswell. and it has pretty much the best fried green tomato sandwich i have ever had in my life. yum! and they had awesome white chocolate pumpkin cookies. who'da thunk it!

dee and steph got me the cutest memo board ever for my birthday present. i love it so much. and they both wrote me really sweet notes and put a picture of us on it!

so after we ate dinner we did our usual stop at starbuck's. except this time it ended up with a little twist. it first started out as a quick little self-portrait of the 3 of us - and quickly turned into a one hour session of the most random/fun shots of us! apparently some guys on the street driving by thought they were pretty fun shots too - and of course had to stop by to see if they could pick us up! don't worry - we flashed our bling and they left us alone! i tell ya!

something about those dallas cowboys cheerleaders...right steph?

needless to say...it didn't work out so well! dee's gonna need an extra cup of ranch after that fall. somethin' to put a lil extra padding on that bod for those bones!

thanks for the great night girls!!! you're awesome!!! love ya!