Tuesday, August 11, 2009

::georgia shower::

all of my girlfriends got together and threw me a shower a couple weekends ago. i absolutely LOVED it! it was so fun to be surrounded by all of my closest girlfriends and celebrate with them this next journey in our lives! they made a delicious breakfast and we all sat down together to eat. it was so nice! the decorations were AWESOME! they paid attention to every single detail! i loved the blocks on the coffee table that spelled out asher. and i loved the clothesline of ben's old clothes from when he was a little guy! by the way....his mom gave them to me along with a few of his favorite toys at my shower in ohio and it has been by far my all time favorite gift! i can't wait to see the little cut off wrangler jean shorts on asher! and i am absolutely in love with his little tennis shoes that have holes in the toes from stopping his bike! so cute!
each of the hostess girls wrote me a super sweet note in a little journal and i have thoroughly enjoyed reading through them! and then all the girls who came to the shower wrote little notes to asher! i loved it! you girls were all so sweet and so thoughtful! i felt so special that day! i felt like i just couldn't soak it all in slow enough to savor it for long enough!
at the end one of my great friends - kristin said a little prayer for ben and me and asher. all of the girls surrounded around me and she prayed such sweet words. i am so so so thankful for all of my girlfriends who encourage me spiritually!
i love you girls! you each mean so much to me!!!
words just aren't expressive enough! especially written words.

of course, food always makes me super excited! yummm!!! and i loved the super cute mommy wine glass they gave me!

enjoying the food and the conversation with great friends.

there's something about seeing my son's name! i loved these blocks!

these are all of my great friends from the first neighborhood that ben and i lived in atlanta! they all have kids - except me. let's just say, they've been waiting patiently for 7 years for us to give in! it was so fun for all of us to be back together again at the same place!

these are most of the small group girls - and yes you see three pregos here! now it's down to one. elizabeth (2nd from the left had her little guy "will" the next morning) and megan just had her beautiful little girl "milla" last thursday! asher can't wait to join them!

it was so fun to have these two girls at my shower. i was their track coach when they were in highschool. now they're graduated from college and married! anna just celebrated 1 year and emily just got married last friday. her wedding was so beautiful! it's been super fun keeping in touch with these girls!

amber-ino and me!

jessica and i. jess and i have become great friends through our husbands. they grew up together in ohio. little asher will hear lots of stories of his daddy and uncle dave!

it was soooo fun to have sara at the shower. she made a long trek! sara and i work together, kinda! she's a marketing rep for one of my competitors but we still like each other! :)



Erin Morgan said...

Looks like you had a beautiful shower! I'm so glad you've been blessed with such a wonderful event. You certainly are a preggo fashionista!! I love the cute outfit!!

Francesca Morgan said...

I love following your blog and you looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g! I wish I was that cute when I was pregnant.

Lyndsay Almeida said...

you look absolutely beautiful! love the outfit. :) this makes me sad though-i miss you...

Amber said...

What a fun day! You have some great girlfriends who really love you! (PS, the house was amazing. It definitely deserves to be in a magazine!)

Unknown said...

Ashers room looks so great! Fun and very playful! The shower with your friends, What a blessing to have so many wonderful friends! Your outfit was so cute I think its my favorite! Love mom P.S. I love your friends home!

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

Aww....bummer Braylen and I didn't get a photo with ya....oh well! It was a great shower and I am gald you explained in your blog who everyone was....it helps putting it all together. I can't believe Elizabeth had her baby the next day.....so random....I would love to hear about her and how everything is going? Does she blog?

Hannah Bodie said...

So you look adorable and the baby's room looks amazing. Looks fun, exciting, just like you. I'm in love with the room i would of never thought of that and i'm glad you did!