Tuesday, August 18, 2009

blogging, tweeting, and recipes....

has anyone else experienced a decline in blogging because you are constantly tweeting or facebooking? welp, that's what i'm chalking my lack of blogging up to lately! i think it's a pretty good excuse!
lots of "nesting" going on here for me lately! the other day i got the energy to clean out all of my millions of millions of recipes. seriously, it was quite ridiculous! i had a huge pile of recipes that i had torn out of magazines over the years! i pitched most of them in the trash and organized the ones that i thought were worth keeping into a file box.

i've tried lots of different ways to organize my recipes but this is going to be the best! i think, i guess time will tell! i used to have a 3 ring binder with little clear sheet protectors that i could slip my recipes into. but i never went through it, nor did i slip the recipes into them. somehow they ended up loosely in my cupboards every where! so there ya have it! they're all organized and it makes me super happy to pull the box out on the weekends and develop our "menu" for the week. we are trying to eat healthier these days. especially with our little asher-oni prepping to make his debut in this world!

here's what's on the menu for this week.
chicken & cashews in lettuce cups
warm spinach salad with grilled smoked turkey sausage
lemon chicken with avocado-corn salsa
lemon, thyme, and asparagus chicken bake

the last recipe is super super easy! it's from the real simple magazine.
i made it the other night. and i even took pictures of each simple step!
it's super healthy and super de-duper easy to make!

here's what you need:

small red potatoes cut in half
asparagus cut in half
lemon cut into medium slices
fresh thyme
some olive oil
salt and pepper
chicken breasts

here's how you make it:

1st place your halved red potatoes on a pan, drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper.
bake in oven @ 425 for 20 minutes

2nd place your chicken breasts on top of the potatoes and season with salt and pepper bake 20 minutes.

3rd place your asparagus on top and all around, place lemon slices all over and sprinkle with some fresh sprigs of thyme and bake 20 more minutes.

4th eat it, and enjoy time at the table with your special someone's!

pardon the horrible quality of the pictures. i took them with my point & shoot and apparently it was on a weird setting! i was just too lazy to try and take them all over again.



Jennifer Burns said...

Love this! I am so going to do this recipe when I get home! and I LOVE Asher's room!!! Good job!

Anonymous said...

that's funny. i make this exact same recipe. i got it from martha stewart's cooking magazine a few years ago. shaun loves it! :) enjoy.

Jacob and Jessica Willis said...


pink coffee photoart said...

you make me sick. sick, ya hear me?!

here's my dinner menu this week: monday- spaghetti (canned sauce of course.) oh, and i made some garlic bread out of almost stale hamburger buns from the back of the pantry. tuesday- anderson grilled chicken and steak but wouldn't eat any veggies, so i plopped a can of asparagus in a pot and heated it up. and that's as far as it goes, because i'm too unorganized to plan meals ahead of time...tonight should be GREAT. :)

ps-shouldn't you be sitting on a throne somewhere while ben fans you with palm frawns and feeds you grapes instead of cooking and stuff?!