Wednesday, June 3, 2009

::michigan baby shower::

so i'm done apologizing!
and no i'm not going to make any promises that i'll do a better job of keeping up with you - blog. it's just a lot right now. i mean seriously - have you ever dealt with these prego hormones? i get overwhelmed for no reason! seriously i have no idea!


lots of you have been BEGGING me for a picture of my prego self. and yes, you are correct i'm a photographer and you'd think that'd mean i'd be good at getting pics of myself and posting them. ummmm....not so much. people - i'm a photographer because i enjoy being BEHIND the camera! :) but here you's a picture of my prego self with my amazing mom and sisters in michigan. they hosted the most wonderful shower for me while i was up there for amy wenzel's photography workshop. which by the way.....ROCKED MY WORLD!! amy is sooo awesome. so genuine. so approachable. if i still lived in GR we'd totally be friends. i just wish her husband david could have met ben. i think they'd get along great!
ok - got off track there. more on that later and i'll even include some of my favorite images from the modeling sessions.
so, my friends and family showered me beyond graciousness at this shower and i am soooo thankful for every little thought that went into this shower. every encouraging word written in the cards and every hug that i received! thanks so much to all of you! you made this whole experience seem that much more real! we are soooo excited to meet our little guy.




Erin Morgan said...

Audrey - You are so cute being pregnant!! But I didn't doubt that you would be for a minute! What a beautiful time you had! Hope you're still feeling well!!

Lyndsay Almeida said...

oh my lord. audrey habeck has a stomach! i thought it was an urban legend. you look beautiful!!! so glad you had a fun shower. we got your card yesterday-so cute. miss you!

Tori said...

Dang boobs! Forget the belly...check out those hooters! Is this an inappropriate comment to be leaving??

audrey habeck said...

haha! tori - you crack me up! i know...seriously! ben loves 'em! how's that for inappropriate? ha! now i know what it feels like to have some hooters to try to hide. not so easy!

Grant and Sarah Schmeelk said...

fun...glad I got to see pics....and holy moly...youa re getting big...ahahahahahahahh! love ya....i can hear you now...." don't have to remind me"