Monday, January 12, 2009

northern sledding vs. southern sledding know how i mentioned in the last post how we went sledding behind my brothers truck in the target parking lot? well....see the video below to check it out. it's hard to tell the difference between my sister-in-laws voice and mine. but just as a disclaimer for myself....i was not the wuss that kept saying "slow down aaron!!!" haha!!! shan, you know i love ya!

and.....da...da....da....this is how we go sledding in georgia.

since there is never any snow here.

yup....that's what we do around our house when we get bored! wear onsie pj's. sled down the stairs. miscellaneous myth busters. etc. etc. etc.

there's never a dull moment. and i love it!!!!




Jacob and Jessica Willis said...

Can I please come over and go sledding with you?

elizabeth said...

Chase, Tricia and I did that all the time as kids... but I don't remember it hurting our butts! And we would do it like a hundred times in a row!!! Growing up is over rated...