Tuesday, January 13, 2009

fashion shoots

last weekend erin and amber and i ventured downtown to do a fashion shoot.
it was soooo much fun! first stop.....MAC at lenox. we gotta give a shot out to prater at the MAC store at lenox. he tore it up with the girls makeup!
first up....erin....
she definitely knew how to work the camera!
and.....erin's closet rocks! she has some of the coolest clothes ever! and the best fashion sense in the atl!!!
can't you tell?
here are some of my faves of her!

like what you see?
well...if you're a senior contact me!
i am looking for 4 senior reps from different schools around the atlanta area.
you get to pick a friend and come on a little tour of atlanta with me to capture
some killer shots for your senior pictures!!!
and....one little exciting tid-bit....i am lining up some makeup and hair artists who will
make you look and feel fabulous for your shots!!!!
contact me for more details!!
......and even if you're not a senior and you just want some cool shots that look like this, we can hook you up!