Saturday, November 15, 2008


i was driving in the car the other day...listening to the music, which brought me to thoughts of how thankful i am for the life god has given me! for all the challenges he has allowed me to go through, for the way he has molded me, and for all the blessings he has given me.

i was laying on the floor in a circle with all of the girls from my small group the other day. discussing faith, and the different thoughts that popped into each of our heads. each of us at one point or another that night, laying in our circle mentioned how thankful we were for "this!" that moment. that connection. that encouragement. that feeling. that worship and praise to god. that closeness. all of that!

what are you thankful for?

i'm thankful for a loving god. for his grace and his mercy in my life. his provision over my life. i'm thankful for spring green and autumn orange. for the golden wheat and bright spring flowers. for the changing seasons. i'm thankful for the crisp air, for the sparkle in the snow and the way the ocean waters glitter. i'm thankful for my family. all of my sisters and my brothers. for long walks with my sisters. and the playful punches from my brothers. thankful for my parents. for my dad's recovery and for my renewed relationship with my mom. i'm thankful for god's faithfulness. for his timing. i'm thankful for my in-laws and for their son who is such a gift to me. for the way they raised him to be a loving- godly man. i'm thankful for my neices and nephews. for their energy and their giggles and bright smiles. i love to hear their voices on my voicemail and to feel their hugs after months of not seeing them. i'm thankful for my friends. for our connections. for the openness we share. for the ways they challenge me. i'm thankful for my husband. and the amazing man that he is! i'm thankful for his desire to follow god and the direction he leads us in our life. i'm thankful for the way he loves me. for his tenderness. for his gentle correction when necessary. for his encouragement. for our connection. i'm thankful for long walks on cool evenings. for the smell of a bonfire on a cold evening. for hard runs that make me sweat. for music that moves my soul. for the rides on my bike that give me a rush! i'm thankful for adrenaline and the way it pumps through my veins. for my church and for the word that inspires and motivates me. i'm thankful for my camera. for the emotion that god allows me to capture through my lens. for the excitement it brings to my insides. i'm thankful for art. for creating. for inspiration. i'm thankful for good food. for baking and cooking. for entertaining friends. i'm thankful for front porches to sit on with my girlfriend and drink sweet tea on a hot summer day while watching her kids play. i'm thankful for color. i'm thankful for the blue in the sky. i'm thankful for breath. for life. for my life, right here - right now.