Friday, November 14, 2008

friday feature

dresses dresses dresses....not quite 27...but lots.
i had to search quite a bit to find some good clothes designers on etsy. it's actually not that easy to find. there's tons of things for children and accessories and art and all that, but not many clothes.
everytime i saw something i liked it seemed like dresses were the theme. i do love dresses. that's pretty much all i wear in the summer. they are sooo cool and comfy! and i love to wear more sophisticated dresses to work and church.

here are some super fun dresses i found this week on etsy....

is that dress up at the top not awesome or what?
the tulle under the skirt and the red and black with the somewhat washed look. i love this!!!
this designer's style reminds me a lot of free people. which i love! the hippie-esque feel to their dresses! this dress isn't so much hippy but i definitely love it. it's from the rubypearl shop!
go check out all her other cool dresses!!

i don't know what it is about this color...but i love it!!! and the simplicity to this dress with the attention to detail is also lovable!!! this came from lemonstory by kimenna . she has lots of cool clothes that she designed in her shop! i love the styles! some ruffly stuff with a little edge. which is totally me!

purple is definitely not one of my favorite colors. but this hue is definitely growing on me. not to mention, i think this color looks really good on blondes. a girl's gotta go wear what looks good on her! i love the style of this dress. the different points of attention. love love love the way the ruffle puffs up on one side at the top of the dress. this dress is from the nostalgia shop on etsy. she's got some pretty neat stuff!
ok.....soooooo....i absolutely love love love love this outfit. love all the black. love the boots. love everything about it. if the skirt wasn't so much, i'd probably have it by now! i love the edge to this, and definitely love the simplicity!! this skirt was designed by orange nyc. they have some really great stuff in their shop on etsy.

ok so hear me out on this one.....the right person would have to wear this dress, or it would teeter on the brink of grandma-ish. but isn't that so anthropologie. close to grandma-ish, but stylishly not? but on the right person, with the right accessories i think it'd be awesome!!! it's really different.....that's what i love about it. something about it just really draws me to it! this came from zorya's etsy shop!

i wish this picture wasn't so blurry...but you get the point. a simple tweedish dress with a really cool and different collar. a turtleneck with some style! gotta love that! this is from the lamixx shop. some really cool stuff in her shop too!!!

happy friday!!!


pinkcoffee photoart said...

OMG! Thanks for doing all the legwork. I'm definitely checking out ALL of these!!