Monday, October 6, 2008


look at this awesome gallery wrapped canvas that one of my favorite {ah} clients ordered!
i was sooooo super excited when i got this in the mail. a 2 year old on christmas morning who gets a brand new little doll and can't wait to get her out of the box but there is all those stupid twistie tie things around. i'm sure you can just imagine me jumping around all excited as my husband tries to undo the box!

i am so happy with the way it turned out!
i think this is such a great way to capture your special memories to display in your home. this canvas is a 24x36 - it's big - and it rocks! i love that it's so big you can't just walk by it. you have to stop and look at it. it brings you into the moments that your family shares together every day!
erica - thanks for being such a fun client!
can't wait for the rest of your prints to come in, so you can get all your fun stuff!
and i am especially excited to watch brayden grow up through the years!



Tori said...

I love this! Can I order this picture and just pretend it's my baby? Because that's how much I love it.

ericamentzer said...

Audrey, I love our picture so much!!! I just can't tell you how happy it makes me to look up and see that sweet image of our little angel!! I am so happpy with it! EVERYONE IN OUR NEIGHBORHOOD is going to be so jealous!!! I have told them about you and talked about you so much, now they have proof!! hahaha!! We just might have to have a "house party" one weekend just to show it off!!!! I have your cards! I will hand them out!!!!!!!

audrey habeck said... rock! i love working with you!
tori- of course! we could just pretend this is your baby! i'm sure no one could tell. even though you don't have a baby yet. it wouldn't look weird at all hanging in your house. ha!