Friday, October 3, 2008

the jackson family

these guys are some of our very good friends from jacksonville. we miss them! we used to randomly go out to dinner during the week when stacy and i were feeling too lazy to cook, or we'd go over to each other's houses on occasion for dinner when the other was feeling lazy.

stacy and i used to run errands together and we were always at lunch club with the rest of the girls. i miss those times!

they were in atlanta a few weeks ago and i got to capture her sweet little family!

hope you like them stacy!
it was sooo nice to see you guys!
and jax's little smile ('s not so little) is enough to make anyone's day really bright!
i love it!



pinkcoffee photoart said...

no wonder she never called me back. ;) i like the processing you're using. these have a very fall-ish feeling!