Wednesday, October 8, 2008

so proud....

i would just like to take a quick second to say how proud i am of my husband.
earlier this year he started an accouting firm that primarily focuses on churches and non-profits. his mission is to enable pastors and church leaders to focus on their key strategies by providing them with practical solutions. basically, working for a church himself for a year he realized all that pastors get bogged down with. he realized that they wear so many different hats in their organizations and as a result it sometimes prevents them from leading their churches the way pastors should. the way their passions would really like to lead. to focus on their teaching, and pastoring of people - instead of the everyday administrative stuff that they so often end up focusing on instead.

so he jumped out of the boat. trusted god where he was leading and lept. it's been fun! it's been tiring. it's been a lot of work. but most importantly it's been so rewarding. rewarding to watch my husband do a job that he absolutely loves. to watch my husband work with pastors and church leaders. and to know the affect that ps20 is having on these organizations.

anyway....i could go on and on.

but all of this to say that he will be exhibiting and attending his first conference. catalyst. we are super excited. today he goes to the gwinnett arena to set up.

if you think about it say a little prayer for ps20. pray that my husband would continue to follow god's calling with this organization. that he would continue to be led. and that god would continue to give him wisdom as he partners along side with these churches and non-profits.

we are so excited!