Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i can smell it in the air.... makes my insides jump all around and my heart flutter.
i abso-freakin-lutely love the fall!!!!

erin (my cousin who lives with us) and i have been running in the evenings lately.
it's super nice. tonight - i smelled it....i smelled fall in the air. and i'm so excited!

i can't wait to make caramel apples, and to hear the crunchy leaves under my feet. and to smell the scent of bonfires on a crisp night and the maple leaves in the air when i run. to feel the crisp breeze in my face. and to see the awesome color in the leaves. to wear sweatshirts and to cuddle with my hubby to stay warm at night. chilli cookoffs and fall festivals. crackling fires in the fireplace at night. the way the sun reflects differently in the fall and makes different things sparkle. even the sounds - everything changes. and i love it. i love change, and i'm ready for it!

with the changing of seasons i always feel a whole new sense of motivation.
i rack up a list of all these things i want to do in the coming season of course it's always a list way too long to accomplish. but i'm a dreamer, i love to dream.

here's my list so far for this fall:
:: go apple picking at mercier orchards
:: make homemade apple sauce
:: make caramel apples
:: make a new kind of apple pie (can you tell it might be time for dinner...all i can think about is food)
:: go to a corn maze with a bunch of friends
:: go backpacking in the north georgia mountains
:: visit asheville, nc
:: go to the cumming country fair and festival and ride the demon drop, and get all nervous before hand, and scream like heck on the way down - man that rush is soooo fun!
:: make some new crafts - found some super cute bootie patterns online. maybe i'll make them for my new neice and nephew
:: do some cool fall shoots
:: go shopping for fall clothes (of course i couldn't leave that out) btw....i found out today that one of my favorite book series is going to be done in film this coming february "confessions of a shopaholic!" can't wait!
:: carve pumpkins and display them in a cool way on the front steps
:: set out all of my favorite fall decorations
:: don't worry - there will be lots more!

i kinda took the last few weeks off from photo sessions. i needed it! things got pretty crazy there for a while and then we were traveling and had family in town.
i've got 4 this weekend and i can't wait!

hope you guys are enjoying the fall smell in the air.
have you detected it yet?

so what....i might be rushing it a little bit. but i felt it.....come on!



Erin Morgan said...

Oh, I love fall too... You should add to your list :: Enjoy a Chai or Pumpkin Latte at Starbucks :) Yummy!!

Lyndsay Almeida said...

can we come enjoy fall with you...'cause we definitely don't have it here! (we're going to ashville in october.)

Stacy said...

oh, I love that smell!! Thanks for the reminder! I miss you as much as I miss fall!! :0)

Megan said...

Hey Audrey!!! I am so glad that we will be seeing you and Ben at Bible Study again!!! I just started a blog about a month ago and I just remembered that you had one too-- I love yours-- You need to be a journalist along with your photography!!! See you soon!
Love, Megan Crim***
P.S. I am going to add you to my list of blogs--hope that is OK!!