Friday, August 29, 2008


I AM … me, wife, friend, sister, daughter, sinner, saved by grace...
I WANT… deep friendship like the girls on sex and the city
I HAVE … an absolutely AMAZING husband!
I KEEP … begging my husband to go to europe!
I WISH I COULD … see our family more. especially neices and nephews!
I HATE … pumping gas - it's sooo annoying. you always need it when you're in a hurry. i feel like it's a waste of time.
I FEAR … what others might think of me. i fear hurting others. conflict.
I HEAR … my husband's whistle for me when we are looking for each other.
I DON’T THINK … i'm very good at making annoys me sometimes!
I REGRET … not being better at setting boudaries!
I LOVE … my husband. baking. photography. my job. my family. cooking. hiking. the smell of bonfires. the sound of the crispy crunch of fall leaves under my feet. the fall. the feel and smell of the crisp air. charleston.
I AM NOT … happy that my back is so sore and it's preventing me from working out as much as i'd like
I DANCE … like elaine on seinfeld....according to my husband.
I SING … really loud all the time in the car, and i seriously think i sound good. pshhhhhh!!!! sometimes i'll be like "ooooo i sound just as good as this singer while the volume is up, so i'll turn down the volume to hear myself a little better and YIKES!!! let's keep the volume up, shall we?
I NEVER … want to lose my husband. if he lives to be 100 i want to live to be 100 minus one day!
I RARELY … wear socks. not even in the winter. not even when we go to michigan in the winter. i hate them. they make my shoes too tight.
I CRY WHEN I WATCH … i'm not much of a cryer, but every now and then a tear will pop out in a chick flick
I AM NOT ALWAYS … good at eating healthy - like right now i want a snickerdoodle cookie. random i know! maybe i'll just have to go make some!!!
I HATE THAT … i don't spend more time with god. that i so easily put him on the back burner. even when i don't want to. how is it so easy to do that even when i enjoy that time so much?
I’M CONFUSED ABOUT … what i'm confused about....
I NEED … a starbucks iced green tea with a splash of lemonade. a "pick me up"
I SHOULD … step away from this computer and stop stalking all these blogs that gave me the idea to do this post! thanks jasmine, and a bunch of others!

i hope all of you have an awesome labor day weekend!
we have nothing on the schedule and we are sooooo looking forward to that!