Friday, August 15, 2008

the hizzel...

so, we got into DC yesterday evening around 6:30 and went directly over to the White House. oh, btw, ben's aunt works as an adviser to the president, so she gave us a private tour of the hizzel. it was quite amazing! for some reason, they wouldn't let us take pics inside (hmmmm wonder why?)... maybe because of all the top secret stuff that goes on in there. the "West Wing" was pretty sweet. not anything like what you see on tv. there was some awesome artwork by norman rockwell - original stuff. it was quite amazing. pretty neat to see the dust from the lead of his pencil. the oval office was smaller than I thought. but it was cool to see how george and laura decorate. that's the only room in the west wing that they get any say in. i sat in Bush's chair, put my feet up on the desk and started barking out orders... for some reason, nobody listened! anyway, it was pretty cool... i did use the restroom directly across from the oval office and can vouch that the $400 toilet seats are quite amazing and totally worth it. but i will say, i was a little disappointed that they didn't have better soap in the bathroom. i mean seriously....this is the white house peeps!!! give us something that smells better than dial. we went out into the rose garden and it was very nice. so nice that you can't even step out onto the grass. if you do, i'm sure secret service would be down in a flash! Bush had just played with his dogs and left the soccer ball out in the grass. woopsy! then, we went over to the press room and played around in there. it was pretty cool too! so, all in all, it was pretty amazing and something that we'll probably never get to do again. btw, ben's aunt's office is so top secret that you have to type in this special code just to get into the door. crazy! she wouldn't let us in because it is a "secured area". she can't even take her own cell phone in there. nothing goes in and nothing comes out! mwwwhahaha
it's not every day you see these peeps on top of your roof.
playing in the press room.
this is the building ben's aunt works in.
the eisenhower building. right next to the west wing.
it's beautiful inside!
here's us at the end of the tour.

standing in front of the rose garden.
and.....we're off to see the monuments and all the museums and whatever else our little feet can handle.
have a good friday!


Anonymous said...

that's awesome! can't wait to see more pictures. there WILL be more pictures, right?

i'm quite jealous.

Erin Morgan said...

This looks like it was so fun! Are you sure that it was you barking out orders in the Oval Office?? It wasn't Ben ?:)

Glad to see you guys had a great time! What an honor to see all of these amazing things!

pinkcoffee photoart said...

I'm crying inside with jealousy! you sat in george's chair?!

did it have his butt impression in it?!

did you at least leave a note on his desk that said "lyndsay says hey"????

i can't wait to hear more.