Wednesday, August 13, 2008

all the toppings....part1

i've had some clients ask me what does "this" look like or what does "that" look like? so over the next month or so (let's be realistic, it'll prolly take me much longer than that) i am going to try to give you a small description of what all of my "toppings" look like.

this my the storyboard.
it's a super cool way to display a single picture or a grouping of your favorite pictures from your session. the storyboard layout is mounted on to a hard material called styrene (who knows what that is?) and then displayed on a table top easel. it's something different. a new way to display your pictures - rather than doing the traditional frame. these are great gifts for family too!

to see more of the storyboard layouts that {ah} offers, please visit click on "to see...." and select "etc."

hope you enjoy!