Friday, July 18, 2008

sneak peek.......

lyndsay and i had so much fun doing our "collaboration weekend!" we can't wait to do another. in fact- we are thinking we'll do one this fall for holiday pictures! stay tuned. we'll post about it when the time gets closer.
i have some serious editing to do and i'm getting emails from my clients left and right. they can't wait to have a little sneak peek. so here goes! i'll do them in order of our sessions for that day.
unfortunately we had to cancel our last session because it decided to rain. but at least it held off for most of the day!!!

introducing...the avery family......

i don't know if i like the color pop - or the desaturated one better.....
you'll have to click on the desaturated one to get a better feel for it!

the brinson's (aka the bread stick family!) hehe!

...and the day family
these guys are good friends of ours and i've been taking their pics since taylor was pregnant. i can't believe kelly is almost 1!!!! holy moly!

i hope you like what you see so far!!!
your proofing galleries will be up sometime next week. hopefully!
i'll send each of you an email with the password to your personal online proofing gallery!
have a good weekend!
ah - "the editing fool!"


lyndsay said...

i love them all!
kelly is precious. :)
we both got such different angles and shots-yay!

Stacy said...

I love the pics!! Can't wait to see you Wed! Wooohooo!!!

Morales Family said...

I am sad I was out of town when you were here! Lane needs some pictures... Photo shoot at the pig roast in November?? :)

christie brinson said...

the sneak peek is great! can't wait to see the rest - breadsticks & all!