Friday, July 18, 2008

i gotta brag....

for just a sec!

i came home yesterday from work and went up to my desk and low and behold there's a little gift bag sitting right there!
it was from the husband! he's amazing! he doesn't do stuff like this too often - but i think it makes it even more special when he does. this man knows me soooo well! we are going on a little road trip tomorrow to biloxi, ms for a convention for my work. he got me a bunch of magazines to read by the pool and some snacks for the trip. and of course twizzlers....the best roadtrip snack ever! he may have thrown those in especially for him - which was cute!

i hope he doesn't mind that i put this on here.
i just couldn't resist!

thanks babe! you made my day!
i truly am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!
i'm so glad i married my very best friend!



lyndsay said...

awwee! he's so sweet.

he really just wants to make sure your mouth is full and your mind is occupied, so you don't bother him on the drive-j/k!

have a great time!